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Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (aka, MFA) is a way to improve on traditional userid and password security by also requiring authentication from a secondary device, such as a phone, tablet or hardware token associated with your NetID. MFA is required for access of an increasing number of general Duke and specific Sociology services. To perform MFA enrollment, visit the OIT link below, review the page, then proceed to the page's ENROLL IN MFA NOW link in the highlight box:

After enrolling, you should register one or more devices to use with MFA. To manage your MFA life after enrollment there are two key links:

The links above cover the how to aspects. The notes below are contextual to help a bit in understanding MFA complexity.

0.1. Devices

0.2. Pass Codes

Pass codes are generated in various ways and are typed or pasted into the Enter pass code or insert YubiKey® option of the Duke Sign In screen.

0.3. Multi-factor Nuances

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