Wired Ethernet

Each office in Sociology contains at least one wiring drop to a panel containing multiple wiring ports. These ports run back to one of two wiring closets in the Sociology/Psychology Building that provide access to campus phone and network services.

As you plan furniture arrangments, please consider the need for proximity to this panel. Also, try not to completely block it with furniture.

Typical panel configurations consist of 2 to 4 Ethernet ports. Ports are used for a variety of purposes as appropriate for the use case.

At least one Ethernet port will be active. If additional ports need activation, contact the IT staff.

Ethernet is used for desktop computers because of the better speed and security of wired connections. Any machine on Ethernet must be registered by an IT staff member to assign it an IP address and gain access to the network.

Ethernet Phones

In 2011 the department converted to Cisco IP phones, which use an Ethernet port. These phones in turn support the daisychaining of a second Ethernet device (such as a desktop or laptop computer) off the back of them. Each phone device is programmed with a specific phone number. As people change offices they take their phone with them, plug it into a new wall port and the device becomes active with the same number. This holds true even if the move is to a different building.

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