Sakai is an enterprise web application that provides for online course content delivery and management. Every course at Duke is provisioned with a Sakai site. Most Sociology instructors use Sakai to facilitate their teaching. You may put readings for students in the course. Students may submit their work to you using the Digital Drop Box feature of Sakai. There is an area for Discussion Forums and you can have as many different threads (topics) as you want within the Forums section.

Content Considerations

The files placed in your Sakai course site may be of any type. You can put articles, papers, pictures, video, and audio files. Basically you may put there just about anything that you want to use in the teaching of your course. Each file must be 100MB or less in size.

General questions on course content, role assignments and functionality are directed to Jesse Riggan, who coordinates departmental use of Sakai.

The Sakai Support Site provides tutorials, FAQs and other support links.

For questions relating to intellectual property rights, such as copyrights or fair use considerations, please consult the Duke Library Office of Copyright and Scholarly Communications. Kevin Smith, the office director, maintains a blog providing current reflections on these issues and a pointer to several other offices at Duke dealing with copyright issues.

Sakai Features

Sakai Restrictions

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