R for Linux

"R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics," as provided through The R Project. R is a principal data analysis tool in the emerging field of data science, and is more central to this effort than SAS, Stata or SPSS. R is provided in Enterprise Linux and is available on Sociology compute servers. It is updated by new releases through the Enterprise Linux upstream provider.

R runs in the following modes:

1. RStudio IDE

2. Command Line Mode

3. Graphical Command Line Mode

4. Batch Submission Mode

5. R Packages

There are thousands of user-contributed R packages. The primary package repository is the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN). Packages are add-ons to the base installation of R.

Installation of a package may be global and available to all users. Or a package can be installed by a user under their home directory making it only available to that individual. Because a package needed by one user is often needed by others, global installation is generally the best practice. Send package requests to Bob Jackson.

When a new release of R is installed, packages are also checked for available updates.

The library() command provides a list of currently installed packages.