Printing is handled with a combination of desktop printers and several network printers. We are primarily an HP printer shop. We encourage the use of LaserJet printers, but also support a few InkJet and All-in-One units.

Consumables - paper and toner cartridges - are ordered and handled by adminstrative staff.

Departmental Network Printing

Departmental Network Printers are a primary printing resource for graduate students. Faculty and staff are encouraged to use network printers for high volume outputs. Network printers are available for Windows, Mac and Linux outputs. Most have duplex and PostScript capability.

Desktop PCs are equipped with printer drivers for locally attached printers and printer drivers for relevant network printers. Linux users print to network printers by referencing them in appropriate print commands.

The department's Ricoh Copier also functions as a network printer and is available to faculty and staff for special printing needs. The copier has color printing capability that is made available to users by request. See Jessica Ellington for authorization.

See an IT staff member for details on configuring a laptop to use departmental network printers.

OIT ePrint Service

OIT provides a print management service called ePrint. Use of ePrint is tied to your DukeCard and NetID. ePrinting allows wireless users the convenient flexibility to print all around campus.

ePrinters are installed in OIT public computer labs, dorms and other kiosk locations. There is an ePrint station in Soc/Psych, Room 133 (one of the OIT Public Labs). Printers are high volume Lexmark units for black and white printing. Windows and Mac PCs must have the ePrint software installed, which is a free download from OIT.

To use ePrint services:

  1. From your PC, submit an output to the ePrint system.
  2. Go to any ePrint location.
  3. Swip your DukeCard in the card reader to authenticate.

  4. A list of your queued jobs appears.
  5. Select jobs to print.

Generous ePrint quotas are available to faculty and staff. Students are provided quotas by semester, as explained in the ePrint guide. In a nutshell, students can print per semester 1000 pages single-sided, 2000 pages double-sided or some in-between combination of both. Usage over your quota is charged to your DukeCard Flex account. Duplex printing is cheaper as a quota incentive to reduce paper consumption. Fee-based color printing, that cannot be applied to one's quota, is available in certain library locations.

Overall this service is valuable and well thought out. The down side is that printers jam, run out consumables and produce bad printouts. Check the printer status list before making a fruitless trip.

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