IT Overview for Duke Sociology

New affiliates commonly arrive with a Windows or Mac laptop and varying need to prep that device for academic computing at Duke. This material checklists the key decisions and preparation required in this department. Each topic links to in depth discussions.

1. IT Support Staff

Meet and get to know the IT support staff in Sociology (./)

See IT Staff section for more information

See Scope of Services for point person on various service points

2. Accounts

You need login and authentication privileges.

All three accounts have the same ID composed of your initials followed by a number.

Accessing the services associated with the Duke NetID increasingly involves the use of multi-factor authentication (MFA).

3. Account Password Changes

Know how to change account passwords (./)

Change initial passwords. Change a password if you have any reason to believe it is compromised.

4. Wireless Access

Configure your wireless devices (./)

Encrypted Wireless

Unencrypted Wireless [not recommended]

5. Email

Make basic email decisions.

  1. Decide whether to use a Duke email address for professional activity and whether to separate personal from Duke email (./)

  2. Sociology users have two email options - Sociology Mail or Duke Mail - select one as primary - Duke Mail is the best choice for most new users (./)

    • Consider your options for Duke Sociology IMAP Mail (./)

      • Access through Sociology Webmail - requires multifactor authentication

      • Access with a locally installed client of your choosing (Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc.)
      • POP to Gmail and access the Sociology account through the Gmail interface
      • If not primary, forward to Duke Mail, Gmail or other account (see Bob Jackson for assistance)

    • Consider your options for Duke Mail - a cloud-based Microsoft Exchange service (./)

      • Access with the Duke Webmail Outlook client - requires multifactor authentication

      • Access with a locally installed Outlook client - Outlook 2013 or 2016 (Windows) and Outlook 2016 (Mac)
      • Access with another locally installed email client, such as Thunderbird or Mac Mail
      • If not primary, forward to Sociology Mail, Gmail or another account

  3. Whichever Duke mail system becomes your primary account, make sure the other account is forwarded to it (./)

  4. OIT provides a publishable, dot-delimited alias (i.e.; ). It points by default to your NetID address. Point this alias to your Sociology address if that becomes your primary account (./)

    • Redirection is done from the OIT account self-service site - requires multifactor authentication

    • Your Duke alias cannot be pointed to a non-Duke address

6. Domain Account Usage

Understand the uses for your Sociology Domain account (./)

One use case is for logging into computers joined to the Sociology Domain.

A second use case is for mapping a drive letter (under Windows) or a share (under Mac OS X) to a laptop device.

Observe limits on what you store on the network.

7. Windows and Mac OS X Software

Become familiar with the rich assortment of software available through the Duke Software License Office. Much of it is free and downloadable (./)

8. Linux Account Usage

Understand the requirements and uses for your Sociology Linux account (./)

9. Linux Software

Become familiar with the statistical software available on paradigm and charisma (./)

10. Network Printing Within Sociology

Enable personal laptop PCs to print on Sociology network printers (./)

11. Other Topics

Be aware of the fuller range of IT issues and services (./)

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