Giving the SAS Program Editor Under Linux a Windows Look and Feel

Simply put, the SAS Program Editor under Linux is mainframelike. While it functions perfectly well and is preferred by some, those familiar with using SAS for Windows find the default behavior of this editor archaic and off-putting.

With a few tweaks the Linux editor will display the following more Windowslike behaviors:

These configuration steps are described for Version 9.4 of SAS for Linux.

Configuration changes are permanently saved in a directory (folder) called sasuser.v94 under your network home directory.

1. Modify SAS Program Editor Options

  1. From the Program Editor window, select Tools > Options > Program Editor...

    • the SAS: Program Editor Options window opens

  2. Select the Editing tab, then:

    • select the Split lines on a carriage return option

    • deselect the Display line numbers option

    • click OK to save settings and close the window

    • sas_pgm_ed.png

    • The line numbers at the left of the editor window disappear

2. Modify SAS Preferences

  1. From any window, select Tools > Options > Preferences...

    • the Preferences window opens

  2. Select the DMS tab, then:

    • in the Display Manager settings, select the Save Settings on Exit option ( /!\ very important for ensuring these modifications are retained across sessions)

    • in the Help & Documentation Browser - Browser Path box, replace netscape with bin/firefox.

    • sas_pref_dms.png

  3. Select the Editing tab, then:

    • deselect the Automatically store selection option

    • change the Cursor setting from Overtype to Insert

    • sas_pref_ed.png

  4. Click OK to save all preference changes and close the window.

3. Modify SAS Keys Settings

  1. From any window, select Tools > Options > Keys

    • the SAS: KEYS window opens

  2. In the SAS: KEYS type store and paste into the following key definitions

    • Key


      Ctrl C


      Ctrl V


    • Select File > Save

    • Then select File > Close

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