Annual SAS for Windows License Renewals

SAS for Windows licenses expire annually on June 30. A 90 day grace period follows. During the last 45 days expiration warnings are issued each time SAS is loaded.

To update your license, go the SAS order page and request the appropriate product. The download information will include access to the appropriate license file which should be applied to your installation a shown below.

Then apply the license information.

  1. From the Start menu, select All Programs > SAS > Utilities > Renew SAS Software.

  2. Allow the program to proceed with administrative authority.
  3. Step 1 of renewal appears as below. Browse to the location of the downloaded license file, then select Next>.


  4. A verification pop-up appears. It should show June 30 expiration dates for the following year. Click OK.

  5. Step 2 appears as below. Browse to the location of the folder where SAS was installed. The typical location for a SAS 9.3 installation is illustrated. A 9.4 installation will reflect this version in the last level of the SAS folder specification. Leave the Same as above box checked. Click Renew to complete.


  6. A renewal confirmation appears indicating, The setinit was successfully applied.

If you need a new or upgraded installation of SAS for Windows, contact Jesse Riggan. SAS is complex to install. Assistance is often beneficial.

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